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AU WinSpeed© Racing Pigeon Software

WinSpeed© is a software product from the American Racing Pigeon Union for storing data (stations, lofts, birds, races, clockings and more), downloading electronic clocks, calculating races, and printing reports and diplomas. Backup, restore and merge features are built in.

When using Standard Points, Champion/Master Loft won't print!    


For Vista or Windows 7/8/10 click the button on the left before you install WinSpeed©
 (or if you are having problems with WinSpeed© and Vista/Windows 7/8/10)

WinSpeed©  Error #159:   DAO is not installed   


How to upload race results to the National Database (NDB)    


The current WinSpeed Version is 2008J

- This is a Minor Update which means:
   - All 2008 versions can merge, backup and restore with each other
   - You don't need to create new databases
   - You don't need to update from 2008F, 2008G or 2008H to upload to the
      National Database if you use the 'Send Later' option.

      To upload directly to the National DataBase you need 2008J
To install go to the 'WinSpeed Updates' page (menu item upper left)

Changes from Version 2008

Version 2008J:
   - Includes 2008A thru 2008H items
   - Added text defining Standard Points Middle (less than 350 miles) and
     Long Distance (350 miles or more)
   - Removed option to compress files
   - Changed 'Atis --> WinSpeed Interface' clock screen to read from 'Races from
     Clock (File creation date)' to 'Races in Clock' to be consistent with all the other clocks.
   - Changed password on web hosting site.

     Version J required to send WinSpeed data directly to the NDB

WinSpeed© is software designed by race secretaries, for race secretaries, and is compatible with Windows 2000, Me, XP, Vista and Windows 7/8 and 10.

Request WinSpeed© Key Numbers from the AU office (405-848-5801) or email:

Free Technical Support email:

Available For Shipment Now

WinSpeed© sells for $99 to AU affiliated clubs or $199 to non-AU clubs.
There is a $4.00 shipping charge and invoice will arrive with software.

If you would like to order WinSpeed    


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