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Uploading WinSpeed© Results to the National Database

1. Click on the American Flag icon at the top of the WinSpeed main screen. This brings you to the screen "Upload Race Data to the National Database". 2. Click on the "File" option halfway down the screen. A popup file explorer screen titled "Save National Database File" appears. On the popup explorer screen, choose the folder where you will store your upload file. It can be anywhere, but write down the path so you can find it later in the file explorer. Click "Save". (Note: After you set up the path once, WinSpeed will remember it and you don't have to re-choose it each time. It will be filled in automatically and all you have to do for subsequent uploads is click "Save" and then click "Yes" to replace this file.) 3. A popup screen "Copying Records for Transfer" appears. Wait while WinSpeed creates the upload file "national.ndb". When it is finished you'll see the popup screen "Winspeed File Saved, Go to the AU website to upload this file to the National Database". Click OK. Close WinSpeed. 4. Go to the website Choose "National Database" on the left side of the screen. Choose "Login" on the left side of the screen. Enter your Username and Password and then click "Log In". Your information will be displayed. (Note: If you don't have a Username and Password yet, click "Not Registered?", enter your information, and click "Register".) Choose "Race Secretaries" on the left side of the screen. This brings you to the screen "Welcome to the Race Secretary's Page". Click the "Browse" button halfway down the screen. Find the folder you set up in item 2 above. Choose the "national.ndb" file in that folder. Click "Open". You are returned to the "Welcome to the Race Secretary's Page" screen and the folder information is now filled in for you. Click "Send" and wait while the upload data is transferred to the NDB. When it lists messages starting with "Step 1 of 4: Your data file has been received" and ending with OK, click OK.

When you click 'Send' be sure to wait while the clock shows the upload is proceeding. If there is a timeout, check NDB Race Results to see if your results were uploaded. Only click 'Send' again if your results are not there.

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