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Backing Up WinSpeed©

It is highly recommended that you backup your database each week after you finish printing your race results and uploading them to the National Database. The backup files also can be emailed to your combine race secretary for merging into their combine database. How to backup your WinSpeed© Database

1. Click "Master Lists"and choose "Backup Data" from the dropdown menu. A popup box called "Save Backup File" will appear. Write down the place where the backup will be saved. (This name is listed on the second line of the "Save Backup File" popup box.) If you want the backup file to be placed on your desktop, choose Desktop from the list on the left side of the popup box and "Desktop" will be transferred to the second line of the "Save Backup File" popup box. 2. At the bottom of the "Save Backup File" popup box there is a "File Name" line. This line should automatically contain your databasename.bak (example: AAA.bak where AAA is the name of your database) 3. Click "Save". WinSpeed confirms backup file saved. 4. Click "OK".


1. Open your email program, compose an email addressed to your combine race secretary and attach your backup file. You can find the file at the place that was listed in step 1 above. The file name should match the one in step 2 above. 2. Send the email.

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