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Install DAO (Data Access Objects)

NOTE: If your WinSpeed install CD was obtained from the AU Office prior to 2013 you will need to purchase an upgraded WinSpeed install CD with the DAO files. Call the AU Office at (405) 848-5801 and request it. There is a $29.95 charge for shipping and handling for AU members.

1. Insert your WinSpeed install CD in drive. Note the drive letter (normally D). If your drive letter is different from D, use that letter when you type items below. 2. From Desktop, right-click the window icon (lower left corner of your screen). 3. Select RUN from the dropdown list. 4. Type D:\DAO_64 and click OK. (Replace the "D" with your CD Drive letter). (The backslash \ is different from the forward slash / on your keyboard.) 5. Double-click SETUP.EXE from the list. You may not see the .EXE on your list. Select the one with Type “Application”. 6. Click Yes if you get a “User Account Control” popup that says “Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to makes changes to your PC?” 7. Wait while the Install Wizard initializes. Then you get the “DAO FOR THE GURPS Character Generator” screen. Click Next. 8. On the “Choose Destination Location” screen click “Browse”. 9. Replace the path with C:\Windows\syswow64 and click OK. (Type this path carefully. It must be exactly as shown above. Also, be sure to use only lower case letters in syswow64.) 10. Click Next 11. Click Finish


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