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Winspeedİ Known Bugs

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PROBLEM:  Some of the WinSpeed screens are too big to see all the buttons.

SOLUTION:  It may be you have the screen resolution set too low. It should be at least 800 x 600, which is the minimum it can be set on most computers. On some older computers, however, it can be set lower (smaller numbers) and then the Winspeed screens don't fit on your monitor. You need to set a higher (larger numbers) resolution. This will make all screens smaller. Here's how: Move your mouse pointer to somewhere on your desktop, but not on any icons. Right click, select PROPERTIES, and left click. Select the SETTINGS tab (up near the top) then set the screen resolution to 800 x 600 (or higher). Click OK to exit.

PROBLEM:  Once in a while the speeds will all show zero after downloading from an electronic clock

SOLUTION:   Go to the EDIT RACE screen, select the race, and press the RECALCULATE button.


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