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Winspeed© Hints

Loft Name and AU ID are required fields. Backup data files often & store diskettes (or thumb drives) in a different location. Only one WinSpeed© screen will open at a time. Pre-enter each loft's band list, it makes knock-off faster (manual clocks). Print out the Master Loft List periodically and share it with your club members. They can help you check for accuracy of data entry. Click the ">>more" button on the Clock Bird screen to show the top ten places of the race as you enter clockings. If you want to create separate "section" reports, make sure that you give all your lofts a "section" designation in the Loft List.

Request WinSpeed© Key Numbers from the AU office (405-848-5801) or  

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Free Technical Support is available: email:

Make sure you label and date your backup files. All fields are editable. Make a mistake? Use the Update button.

The points you award on your reports are customizable. You can make modifications in the EDIT RACE screen. Proofread your race reports before handing them out. To add a new entry into your Database, use the Add button. The Update button is used for entries already in your Database. When printing a Young Bird report, make sure that Hens & Cocks are checked, even if you have not entered all the sex fields. Otherwise you will get a blank report page. If you have multiple race releases (A,B,C) it may help to include the release letter in the race "Name". The lower right hand section of your screen shows you the name of the Database you are currently using.


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